Pre-Runoff May Fishing

Mariah Fishing

May 17th, 2020 - 

Upper River: the river is slightly off color, running around 1800 CFS at Varney. Dry fly action has been slow to non-existent, yet you should definitely have some baetis, march browns, and some caddis hanging out in your box in case you run into some rising fish. Streamers and nymphing right off the banks have been producing quite a bit of fish. 

Lower River: There’s a possibility that you may run into some good caddis/baetis hatches in the evening so keep your eyes peeled for rising fish as the day goes on. For the most part streamers and nymphs are the best bet. The river is currently running around 2400 CFS, with a greenish brown coloration.

With warm weather in the near future the river is soon to be BIG AND BROWN.

Dry Flies: Peacock Caddis, Parachute Adams, March Browns

Nymphs: Mega Prince, Black Turd, Sanjuan Worm, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail.

Streamers: Black/Olive Wooly Bugger, Olive Trevor, Sparkle Minnow, Kreelex, Olive Sex Dungeon

Flows update: NorthWestern Energy will release water from Hebgen Dam to flush fine sediments from Madison River gravel to maintain the quality of spawning gravels that support the healthy wild trout fishery. 

Hebgen Dam outflows will be gradually increased to maximize releases for a minimum of three days coinciding with peak runoff in the West Fork Madison River and other tributary streams. To protect the outlet of Quake Lake from erosion, the Madison River flows will be maintained at about 3,500 cubic feet per second at the Kirby Ranch stream gage.

The flow releases should increase in early June with the exact timing based upon weather and snowmelt runoff.  

For the latest update, check out our Madison River Fishing Report.